Warehouse Equipment

In thinking about warehouse safety, most accidents that occur are slip, trip or falls. Falls can occur on the same level or from a higher level to a lower one. Accidents can occur with power equipment or without it. For optimal safety select a dock board, dock plate or yard ramp for your warehouse. Our trained experts will help you select exactly the ramp you need to provide maximum efficiency and safety.

ITz Industrial Toolz Dock Board Forklift

Dock boards help prevent forklift accidents

Dock boards can be used when loading and unloading material with power equipment, such as forklifts, on a dock and truck. There are several safety features on loading dock equipment.

Welded Curbs

Welded curbs keep the forklift on the dock board and prevent it from easily driving off the edge.

Non-Slip Surface

The features of the dock equipment are a non slip surface. They provide extra grip for shoes and rubber tires.

Locking legs

Locking legs hold the dock board in place, providing an added safety feature.

Steel or Aluminum Construction

Steel or aluminum dockboards have various capacity ranges.

Dockplates helps prevent slip, trips and falls

Dockplates are for use in non-powered loading applications like a pallet jack. They feature the same non slip surface, locking legs but without the welded curbs. The light use of dock plates makes aluminum a safe material for holding a lighter capacity.

Forklift yard ramps help prevent slip, trips and falls on a different level

Forklift yard ramps act as a loading and unloading ramp from the ground level to a loading dock or the back of semi trailer. Docks and trailers can be loaded without a loading forklift ramp; however, the results can be dangerous. For the best safety option chose a yard ramp for loading ramp safety from one level to another.