Yard Ramps

Yard Ramp
Yard ramps are heavy-duty, portable ramps that allow forklifts to access shipping containers, semi-truck trailers and loading docks, providing drive-in access from the ground. They play an essential role in facilitating the loading and unloading of skids, pallets and other heavy equipment at locations lacking a loading bay. Yard Ramps are also used to provide drive-in door access to buildings that only have dock-high entrances.

At Industrial Toolz, we manufacture high-quality, versatile material handling solutions to satisfy a range of customer needs. Our durable yet affordable stationary and portable loading dock ramps are built to stand up to years of repetitive use in high-wear heavy-load applications. Yard ramps can be customized to meet your exact requirements.

Yard Ramp Features

To make the loading and unloading of cargo as safe and efficient as possible, our yard ramps include the following design features:

Steel Safety Side Curbs

Steel side curbs on either side of the ramps working surface prevents accidental runoff of the motorized equipment being used (forklift, pallet jacks, vehicles etc.). Additional safety features such as handrails can be mounted to the curbs upon request.

Reinforced Approach Apron

Installed on either side of the ramp, reinforced approach aprons help protect the quality and effectiveness of the steel grating surface while providing a smooth transition on and off the ramp.

Steel Grating Surface

A high-quality steel grating with serrated teeth adds traction to the yard ramps working plane and prevents the accumulation of water, snow, dirt and debris. The grating allows forklifts to safely drive up and down the ramp, regardless of weather conditions.

With or Without Level Off

Level offs are added to yard ramps to improve the forklift’s access to trucks, loading docks, and platforms. They provide a level approach, allowing forklifts to safely maneuver into trailers without having to stop.

Safety Chains

A standard safety precaution on yard ramps, safety chains are to be secured to the loading dock or truck whenever the ramp is in use. Loading dock chain brackets are available as an optional accessory.

Ramp Clamp

Ramp clamps are used to move the yard ramp around your loading dock yard quickly and safely. The ramp clamp is secured to the ramp by a screw down mechanism.

Steel or Off-Road Rubber Wheels

Depending on the application, yard ramps can be equipped with a few different wheel options:

  • Steel Wheels – Steel wheels are extremely durable and are great for use on smooth surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.
  • Rubber Wheels – Rubber wheels are great for gravel and off-road terrain.
  • Foam Filled Pneumatic Wheels – These rubber tires are filled with foam for the roughest terrain allowing for smooth maneuvering and transporting of the Yard Ramp.

Yard Ramp Selection Guide

Forklift on yard rampChoosing the right yard ramp for your operation involves careful consideration of the types of applications in which it will be used, as well as the weight capacity and dimensions that will be required for handling the expected cargo. Specific factors to keep in mind during the selection process include:


Yard ramps help streamline the handling and transportation of goods in warehouse facilities, manufacturing plants, rail yards and more. Ground-to-truck yard ramps allow for the quick unloading of a truck to the ground. Dock-to ground Yard Ramps provide convenient vehicle and forklift access into and out of a warehouse via the raised loading dock door.


The specification of the forklift used for transporting cargo will dictate the required weight capacity of the yard ramp. The minimum weight capacity of the yard ramp should be three times the weight of the maximum loading capacity of the forklift (forklift capacity x 3 = the minimum capacity the ramp should have).

  • 16,000 lbs. capacity (Forklift capacity up to 5,333 lbs.)
  • 20,000 lbs. capacity (Forklift capacity up to 6,667 lbs.)
  • 25,000 lbs. capacity (Forklift capacity up to 8,333 lbs.)
  • 30,000 lbs. capacity (Forklift capacity up to 10,000 lbs.)

Width and Length

Yard ramp dimensions should allow the cargo carrying forklifts to enter and exit trailers and shipping containers with ease. Improper Yard Ramp sizing will reduce the efficiency of the operation and increase the risk of product damage and/or worker injury. Some size related considerations to keep in mind include:

  • Minimum and maximum width of trailers of shipping containers being serviced
  • Placement/removal of pallets near the opening
  • Width of the trailer opening that will be required during the unloading process
Capacity Length (Feet) Width (OD)* Usable Width Approx Weight lbs.
16,000 lbs 30 ft 72 inches * 64 inches 4,159 lbs
30 ft 86 inches * 78 inches 4,964 lbs
36 ft 72 inches * 64 inches 5,102 lbs
36 ft 86 inches * 78 inches 5,828 lbs
20,000 lbs 30 ft 72 inches * 64 inches 4,384 lbs
30 ft 86 inches * 78 inches 5,189 lbs
36 ft 72 inches * 64 inches 5,327 lbs
36 ft 86 inches * 78 inches 6,048 lbs
25,000 lbs 30 ft 72 inches * 64 inches 4,780 lbs
30 ft 86 inches * 78 inches 5,605 lbs
36 ft 72 inches * 64 inches 5,762 lbs
36 ft 86 inches * 78 inches 6,544 lbs
30,000 lbs 30 ft 72 inches * 64 inches 5,030 lbs
30 ft 86 inches * 78 inches 5,905 lbs
36 ft 72 inches * 64 inches 6,020 lbs
36 ft 86 inches * 78 inches 6,844 lbs

* (OD) Outside Dimension | Subtract 8″ for Usable Width

Types of Yard Ramps

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Types of Yard Ramps

Most yard ramps are designed to enable the movement of cargo either from ground level to a truck, or from dock level to the ground. Specific Yard Ramp Styles include:

  • Dock-to-Ground Yard Ramps: Dock-to-ground yard ramps are semi-permanent ramps that can be secured to an established loading dock for safe and efficient loading and unloading of cargo from inside the building.
  • Ground-to Truck Yard Ramps: Ground-to-truck yard ramps are the most commonly used Yard Ramp. These ramps are used as portable loading docks to unload semi-trucks and shipping containers when concrete loading bays are not available or there is an overflow of product needing to be unloaded.
  • Heavy-Duty Portable Loading Docks: For facilities lacking a dedicated loading dock, heavy-duty portable loadings docks can be paired with a ramp to enable parallel loading. Constructed from durable materials, these cost-effective portable loading platforms are designed to safely support forklifts and other heavy equipment requiring a high capacity.
  • Last-Mile Delivery Loading Docks: Commercial vans and residential-sized box trucks do not normally meet the typical 48” dock height, creating a mismatch between truck floor and loading dock. Industrial Toolz has designed an extended loading dock to solve this problem. The Last Mile Delivery Dock will raise the vehicle up so the dock floor will be flush with the vehicles floor for safe, convenient loading and unloading of product.


Can you load trailers with a forklift using a yard ramp?

Yes, our yard ramps are designed to allow forklifts to safely and efficiently load and unload cargo.

Do you offer custom yard ramps?

Yes, we can provide a custom solution to whatever your needs are. We will work with our internal engineering team to come up with the correct solution to solve your logistic problems.

What is the highest and lowest range for a yard ramp?

The standard height range for a Yard Ramp is 37 inches on the low end and 57 inches on the high end. We can customize the ramp to accommodate and shorter or taller application.

Do you offer yard ramp rentals?

Yes! We offer yard ramp rentals nationwide. Learn more about our yard ramp rentals.

Yard Ramps from Industrial Toolz

Yard ramps are an essential tool that facilitates safe and convenient forklift access to trailers and shipping containers, especially when a conventional loading dock is unavailable. For any loading operation, it is important to select a Yard Ramp with the necessary capacity and features to safely support your activities.

At Industrial Toolz, we partner with trusted dealers in the Midwest to provide durable and affordable yard ramps and other material handling solutions for a wide range of industries. This allows us to offer yard ramps in Texas, California, and throughout the United States. Our yard ramp accessories and customization options allow us to tailor each solution to the needs of the customer, ensuring a safe and efficient operation even in the toughest material handling applications. To learn more about our yard ramps and other products, please contact us today.

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