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Yard ramps, otherwise known as portable loading dock ramps, are a substantial investment in the efficiency and safety of your business. Because of that, it is important to decide whether renting or buying a yard ramp will make the most financial sense. Industrial Toolz manufactures, sells, and rents yard ramps to be used by a wide variety of business sectors in various applications. This page will help you determine whether renting a yard ramp is the best option for your business, and what you should consider. 

Yard Ramp Rentals from Industrial Toolz

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When to Rent a Yard Ramp

Sometimes it makes more financial sense to rent a yard ramp rather than purchasing one. Determining whether to buy or rent a yard ramp relies on a few factors. When deciding, it is helpful to ask yourself the following questions: 

How long will I need the yard ramp? 

Determining the amount of time that your business will require the use of a yard ramp is usually the first question to ask when deciding whether to rent or buy. If you will only need the yard ramp for a few months or weeks, it can be more economical to rent a yard ramp. If you know that your business will be using the yard ramp permanently or for an undetermined amount of time, it might make more sense to purchase a yard ramp. 

What is my budget?    

The budget you have set aside for a yard ramp may also determine whether renting or buying is the right choice. Even though a purchase can often pay for itself in a year of consistent use,  it’s no secret that yard ramps can be a very costly investment. Renting a yard ramp will cost less than purchasing one in the short term. You should also take into account the shipping costs in order to get your yard ramp to and from your location. Industrial Toolz is able to ship you a yard ramp anywhere in the United States, but shipping costs can vary depending on your location. Call us at 262-671-5000 for more information about shipping. 

What do I need a yard ramp for? 

Depending on what applications you will be using your yard ramp for, renting could be a better option than purchasing. If your normal business operations run efficiently but you have a large shipment coming in that needs to be unloaded, stored, and loaded again, a yard ramp rental can surely do the job. If you’re not 100% about the purchase of a yard ramp, renting one first can help you get a feel for how it will improve your operations. If that is the case, Industrial Toolz offers a Rent-to-Own program, which allows you to start on a rental basis and apply a portion of that rent towards the purchase price. 

What Specifications Does My Yard Ramp Need?

While we have an inventory of yard ramps available for rent, we also manufacture yard ramps at our location in Kenosha, WI. Because of this, we are able to construct yard ramps with custom specifications. If your location requires a specialized yard ramp, we have the capabilities to create the ramp that will work best for your location. 

Industrial Tools helps customers buy used yard ramps

Industrial Toolz being the yard ramp manufacturer is also beneficial because even when a rental ramp with your required specifications is unavailable in the time frame in which you need it, we are able to construct and ship you a new yard ramp to fulfill your business demands. 

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