Loading Dock Ramps

Forklift On Loading Dock RampLoading dock ramps allow forklifts to easily and safely access loading docks. They facilitate the loading and unloading of heavy equipment, skids, and pallets and provide access to buildings that only have dock-high entrances. Heavy-duty ramps are an essential requirement for efficient cargo transportation applications. Industrial Toolz manufactures durable, customized material handling solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Our affordable stationery and portable loading dock ramps are built to sustain years of repetitive, heavy-load traffic.

Advantages of Loading Dock Ramps from Industrial Toolz

Choosing a loading dock ramp from Industrial Toolz comes with a number of unique advantages. These include:

Customized Solutions

Not only are our American-made ramps long-lasting, but they are customizable for the needs of your space. Our engineering team can prepare the correct logistics solution that is tailored to your exact needs, or recommend one of our standard solutions. Our standard loading dock ramp height ranges from 38” to 57”, but we can customize to other height requirements.

Range of Capabilities

Our broad range of capabilities allows us to provide custom-designed loading dock ramps up to 45’ in length and 144’’ in width with up to a 50,000 lb. or even 100,000 lb. capacity. Our standard slope provides access for all gas and electric forklifts to a standard dock height.


Our ramps have a variety of safety features, such as steel side curbs on the ramps to prevent the accidental runoff of equipment. In addition, bright orange side curbs provide added visibility. We also offer guardrails and handrails that can be mounted onto the curbs if desired.

Portable and Stationary

Our dock to ground ramps can be secured to established loading docks for efficient cargo loading from inside a building. We also offer portable dock to ground ramps which provide easy access to multiple dock doors within your facility.

Features of Loading Dock Ramps

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Features of Loading Dock Ramps

Our ramps have several significant design features that make loading and unloading safer and more efficient. A selection of features include:

  • Steel Grating Surfaces. Steel grating surfaces feature serrated teeth, providing valuable traction to the ramps. This prevents the accumulation of water, snow, and debris, and allows equipment to safely access the ramp regardless of weather conditions. Industrial Toolz loading dock ramps feature a larger bar grating area vs. diamond plate, allowing for improved traction in all weather conditions.
  • Reinforced Approach Aprons. Installing reinforced approach aprons on either side of the ramp ensures the effectiveness and quality of the steel grating. It also provides a smoother transition on and off the ramp.
  • Optional Level Offs. Adding level offs to loading dock ramps improves a forklift’s ability to access the loading dock and platforms. Forklifts can easily and safely maneuver without having to stop. 
  • Girders. Steel girders are welded together to bear the ramp load.
  • Guardrails. We offer welded or removable Sch 40 double bar guardrails for added safety and convenience.
  • Bit and Bit Extension. Allows a power drill to raise or lower the loading dock ramp. Available for mobile ramps with landing gear.
  • Wheels. Standard 9” Steel Wheels work great on concrete or asphalt surfaces. For specialized application, choose between Foam Filled 16″ Pneumatic Rubber Wheels or Steel 9” Wheels with Rubber Wrap which increases size to 12”. All come in a set of 4 and are used for mobile ramps with landing gear.

Custom Loading Dock Ramps

Loading Dock Ramp ProductionIndustrial Toolz offers a wide selection of capabilities for the custom design and manufacturing of loading dock ramps based on specific customer requirements. Depending on the application, we can create loading dock ramps in either steel or aluminum. While steel is the stronger option, it can produce sparks, making aluminum a better choice when transporting explosive or volatile materials.

Industrial Toolz can customize materials, capacities, and loading dock features to create a solution that completely meets a client’s needs. Some custom features that we offer include wheel attachments, ramp clamps, and custom painting to match your brand’s logo and color scheme. Our custom ramps are designed to meet specialized applications, like last mile delivery loading dock ramps. In addition, we can customize level off height or add a platform to change the loading and unloading configuration. This can include a 90 degree turn, straight through design, or other loading dock ramp design requirements.

Loading Dock Ramps from Industrial Toolz

No matter what your application, Industrial Toolz is capable of building a long-lasting custom yard ramp solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Options include ground to dock ramps, loading dock ramps, last-mile delivery ramps, and other yard ramp solutions. Our ramps are durable and long-lasting, making them a suitable choice for various heavy load applications. For more information, or to get started on your custom loading dock ramp solution, contact us today.

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