Last Mile Delivery Loading Docks

Last mile delivery loading docks offer a custom-built solution for loading and unloading last mile delivery trucks that are shorter than a typical 48-inch dock height. By allowing last mile delivery trucks and other short vehicles to reach the height of the building floor, last mile delivery loading docks make direct loading safer and more efficient while eliminating ergonomic hazards, redundancies and inefficiencies.

Last mile delivery loading docks from Industrial Toolz are beneficial for loading and unloading the following delivery trucks and vans:

  • Last mile Sprinter delivery vans
  • Dairy, grocery, or produce vans
  • E-commerce fulfillment delivery vehicles
  • Grocery delivery vans
  • Medical supply & pharmaceutical delivery
  • Parcel delivery vans

At Industrial Toolz, we offer custom last mile delivery loading docks to meet your specific needs.


Industrial Toolz has experience delivering custom solutions for last mile delivery loading docks. For one of our projects, we provided a complete solution for a major grocery store chain on the east coast. With our last mile delivery loading docks, we converted distribution buildings that were originally designed for semi-trucks into delivery van accessible areas. This allows a van to pull up to the dock and load items while remaining level with the van floor. We integrated docks in 3 to 4 bays that were each 10’ wide and included space for the driver to get out and walk onto the loading dock area.

Last Mile Delivery Loading Dock Specifications

Last mile delivery loading docks are tailor-made for a specific building and are intended for use with delivery vans or trucks. These ramps can make the van or box truck floor level with the loading dock, even if the building has a recessed dock. If a building has a 48” outside dock, we can build the last mile delivery ramp and level platform so that the van floor is level with the dock to ensure easy loading and unloading.

Our ramps typically rise between 12’’ to 24’’ to level the entire length of the truck or van, and the maximum weight capacity can range from 20,000 to 55,000 pounds. They can be between 90’’ to 480’’ wide, depending on the number of dock bays, the width of the van or truck, and how much room the driver needs to walk around the loading dock. Typical bay widths are 9’ to 10’ feet each. 

Last mile delivery loading docks from Industrial Toolz also come with various options:

  • Custom safety curbs
  • Schedule 40 guard rails
  • Galvanized paint
  • Additional features upon request

Benefits of Last Mile Delivery Truck Ramps

Last mile delivery truck ramps from Industrial Toolz offer a range of advantages, including:

  • Built to fit the building and customer needs
  • Cheaper than hydraulic versions
  • Less expensive than concrete, with no permit required
  • No maintenance required
  • Safer for drivers
  • Semi-permanent
  • Does not increase your assessed property value, so your property taxes don’t increase

Wheel Risers

Wheel risers offer another option for lifting delivery vehicles to dock height. At Industrial Toolz, we offer wheel risers in a wide range of sizes. Wheel risers raise the truck wheels so the truck floor is level with the dock. Operators can choose to elevate the front and back wheels or only the back wheels. 

Compared to last mile delivery truck ramps, wheel risers have several disadvantages. Since wheel risers raise the vehicle anywhere from 6’’ to 12’’, it can be difficult for drivers to exit the van or truck safely. Risers are typically used when adjusting for 12” or less in height, making a ramp a better choice for elevating the vehicle above 12”. When only elevating the back wheels, the load will not be level enough for a forklift to access. Another disadvantage is wheel risers are typically sold in pairs in 12’’, 18’’, or 24’’ widths, so the truck or van’s wheels must line up with these sizes. However, wheel risers are typically less expensive than a loading dock ramp, and can be moved and adjusted to accommodate different size vans or trucks.

Last Mile Delivery Loading Docks From Industrial Toolz

Last mile delivery loading docks are ramps that make loading and unloading short box trucks and vans safe and easy.They also ensure a level platform for increased efficiency and ergonomics. At Industrial Toolz, we have experience delivering last mile delivery loading docks with a range of customizations to fit your building and delivery van needs.

For more information, or to get started on your last mile loading dock project, contact ITz today.

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