Portable Loading Dock Ramps

Portable loading dock rampThrough the use of portable loading dock ramps, facilities can enable loading and unloading in nearly any space. These ramps can expand present dock capacity and create a convenient loading station without the need to construct a new dock or ramp. They also provide drive-in access for buildings, trucks, and shipping containers and are easy to use with a forklift.

At Industrial Toolz, we can manufacture a variety of durable, heavy-duty loading dock ramps. Our portable ramps are designed and built to hold up after years of repetitive use. We can also customize portable dock ramps to meet our customers’ individual requirements.

Why Turn to Industrial Toolz for Portable Dock Ramps

Depending on the needs of a specific application, Industrial Toolz can provide portable loading ramps with a selection of features and capabilities, including:

  • Up to 100,000 lb capacity
  • Up to 45’ in length and 144″ in width, or available as a modular system of platforms and ramps for more versatility.
  • Accessibility for all electric and gas forklifts to a standard dock height
  • Fully customizable features such as grating, wheels, construction, and other options.

It’s also possible to use portable loading dock ramps by themselves or as an extension to an existing dock or platform.

Features of Mobile Loading Dock Ramps

For various applications, there are several features available for portable loading dock ramps. These include:

Level Off

Level offs are used in most ramps to provide a level surface at the top that’s even with the loading dock. They are customizable, with the most popular option being around six to eight feet long. Level offs are recommended when a forklift is backing a load directly out of a truck and needs to avoid hitting the load on the top of the truck as it descends the ramp. In addition, a level off allows a forklift to level the forks when unloading the end of the trailer. On a ramp without level off, the forks are too high to access the load.

Deck Grating

To enable vehicles to safely move up and down the ramp, steel deck gratings fabricated with serrated teeth can provide adequate traction. They feature a larger bar grating area in lieu of diamond plating to allow for better traction in harsh weather conditions. The right design can effectively prevent the buildup of dirt, debris, snow, and water.


Most loading dock ramps feature a lip. Many ramps use a 16″ tread plate lip that eases the transition into the trailer or over a dock edge. Lips are included on all ramps without landing gear because the ramp must rest on the dock or truck. In addition, lips are used to prevent a gap between the ramp and the truck or dock.

Steel Safety Curbs

Ramps can include steel side curbs on both sides to prevent freight or vehicles from slipping off the edges, including pallet jacks and forklifts. They are customizable with certain additional safety features such as bright orange side curbs for increased visibility.

Ramp Clamps

These are durable and easy-to-use clamps that connect forklifts to mobile loading dock ramps for more secure loading and unloading. They facilitate complete portability and make it easy to reposition ramps for proper loading.

Fork Pockets

These are used when an industrial yard ramp does not have wheels and a forklift must lift the entire yard ramp to move it.


There are several wheel options available depending on the needs of a particular application:

  • Steel Wheels. If an application requires durable wheels that work on concrete and asphalt surfaces, steel wheels are often the best option. They are used because they are best for creating mobility for the ramp while also supporting the load.
  • Steel Wheels Wrapped with Rubber. For applications involving off-road and gravel terrain, steel wheels with rubber are ideal. They provide the full load capacity of steel wheels with the mobility and traction of rubber.
  • Foam-Filled Pneumatic Wheels. These wheels are rubber wheels that contain a foam filling, which allows them to maintain smooth motion when moving on rough terrain. They require a lower load capacity than steel wheels.

Custom Portable Loading Dock Ramps from Industrial Toolz

Portable loading dock ramps are crucial for many applications requiring a safe, secure, and convenient ramp without having to construct one. They can be customized for your application with features that provide the support you need. Industrial Toolz is here to provide customers looking for loading dock ramps in Texas, California, and throughout the US with portable loading dock ramps that are both durable and cost-effective, along with other types of material handling solutions.

To learn more about our custom portable loading ramps and other products, visit our yard ramps page or contact us today.

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