Dock Plates and Dock Boards from Industrial Toolz


Product Details and Specifications

Industrial Toolz Dock Plates and Dock Boards are purpose-built for bridging the gap between a truck bed and a loading bay. ITz proudly stands behind our diverse array of dock plates and boards, each of them made at our manufacturing facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Dockboards and dockplates are remarkably similar, but used to suit very different needs. It’s important for the customer to know how each product can be most safely and effectively applied to their loading demands.

ITz Dock Plates

ITz Industrial Toolz Dock Plate

Dock plates are, essentially, rectangular pieces of high-grade aluminum that can be placed over the gap between the deck of a truck and a loading bay, making it easier and safer for a shipment to be unloaded on foot. With weight capacities that range from 1,300 to 12,500 pounds, they’re remarkably durable. Despite their strength, however, dock plates aren’t meant to support a loading vehicle of any kind (with the exception of a dollie or pushcart). It’s very important that they only be used to bear the weight of foot traffic, as anything else can be dangerous.

Dock plates from Industrial Toolz are built from aluminum, making them both durable and deceptively simple to move. They’re light, convenient, and useful for a number of loading situations.

ITz Dock Boards

ITz Industrial Toolz Dock Board

Dock boards, on the other hand, are heavy-duty versions of dockplates with some differences. Industrial Toolz dock boards are finished with curbs on the sides of the ramp to accommodate vehicles, and higher weight capacities to match. They can easily and safely bear the weight of a forklift with a full payload. They’re also built with pins attached to the side to help attach the dock board to one of the two surfaces it’s positioned between. Weight-tested for anything from 10,000 to 25,000 pounds, these are the product of choice for anything from medium to high weight loading.

ITz can build a dock board out of either aluminum or steel. Aluminum is a popular choice for customers with a demand for portability, but steel provides much higher weight capacities.

Custom ITz Dock Plates and Dock Boards

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