Yard Ramp Rentals

Yard ramps, also referred to as portable loading docks or portable loading ramps, are heavy-duty ramps that allow a forklift to access shipping containers, loading docks, and semi-truck trailers. In other words, they provide drive-in access from the ground, thereby creating the capacity to load and unload pallets, skids, and other types of heavy cargo when you don’t have a loading dock. Wherever you are located in the United States, Industrial Toolz can rent you a portable loading dock ramp. Our portable yard ramps are designed to perform in high-volume heavy-load applications with an emphasis on efficiency and safety. Standard features like the reinforced approach apron, safety chains, ramp clamp, and steel grating surface make our yard ramps reliable and easy to use.

Ground-to-Truck use of Yard Ramp ramp with forklift

Why Rent a Yard Ramp?

Yard ramp rentals are cost-effective if you need them when handling seasonal inventory items or temporary increases in your warehouse that don’t warrant purchasing a new forklift ramp. Renting a yard ramp also gives you the opportunity to do some trials and determine the yard ramp specifications that best suit your needs.

Sometimes, purchasing new equipment is not in your budget. If your business would benefit from the use of a yard ramp but making such a purchase isn’t a viable option right now, renting a yard ramp is the best solution.

By taking advantage of our yard ramp rental program, you can gain the use of a high-quality ramp without committing to a purchase. Opting for a portable loading ramp rental also saves you from the lengthy approval process of making major capital equipment purchases.

Types of Yard Ramps

There are four main applications for yard ramps. Knowing how you will be using your rented yard ramp will help you determine the specifications needed for efficient and safe application.

Ground-to-truck yard ramps

Ground-to-truck yard ramps are the most commonly used yard ramp. These ramps are used as portable loading docks to unload semi-trucks and shipping containers when concrete loading bays are not available or there is an overflow of product needing to be unloaded.

Dock-to-ground yard ramps

Dock-to-ground yard ramps are semi-portable  ramps that can be secured to an established loading dock for safe and efficient loading and unloading of cargo from inside the building.

Heavy-duty portable loading docks

For facilities lacking a dedicated loading dock, heavy-duty portable loadings docks can be paired with a ramp to enable parallel loading. Constructed from durable materials, these cost-effective portable loading platforms are designed to safely support forklifts and other heavy equipment requiring a high capacity.

Last-mile delivery loading docks

Commercial vans and residential-sized box trucks do not normally meet the typical 48” dock height, creating a mismatch between truck floor and loading dock. Industrial Toolz has designed an extended loading dock to solve this problem. The Last Mile Delivery Dock will raise the vehicle up so the dock floor will be flush with the vehicle’s floor for safe, convenient loading and unloading of product.

Yard Ramp Capabilities

If you’ve decided to rent a yard ramp, you will want to take these factors into considerations:

  • Anticipated length of rental
  • Specifications needed for your yard ramp
  • Expected cargo weight or lifting capacity of Forklift
  • Overall dimensions
  • Will the ramp be used to access a dock or trailer/container?


The forklift typically used to transport cargo on the yard ramp will determine the required weight capacity of the loading ramp. The minimum weight capacity of the portable loading dock should be at least three times the forklift’s maximum loading capacity.


Ensure that you choose a yard ramp that suits your specific application. For instance, ground-to-truck ramps help you load and unload cargo from a tractor trailer/shipping container. Ground-to-dock ramps create a drive-in door for your warehouse and allows you to load and unload cargo from ground to dock.

Width and Length

The dimensions of a yard ramp are critical, especially if you are loading or unloading oversized cargo. Yard ramps can also be used to load and unload vehicles. Keep in mind the width of the trailer/container or dock door opening.

How to Rent a Yard Ramp

If you have questions or are interested in renting a yard ramp, please contact Industrial Toolz, or call us at (262) 671-5000. Make sure you provide as much information as possible for a more rapid and accurate quotation.

Details to Provide When Renting a Yard Ramp

Our team of engineers will help you determine the right yard ramp for your needs, so they will ask you a few questions, such as:

  • Size (width) of forklift
  • Capacity of forklift
  • Door opening width of container, truck or dock door opening
  • Ground type where ramp will be operated (loose gravel, concrete, etc.)
  • The type of loading dock system (standard dock or unique)

Based on the information you provide; our experts will explain the different yard ramp options available and help you select one that will work best for your situation.

Length of a Yard Ramp Rental Period

At Industrial Toolz, our rental periods allow you to use the yard ramp for as long as you need it. You can also choose from our long-term lease plans or rent-to-own options.

Shipping Your Yard Ramp Rental

Industrial Toolz can ship your yard ramp to any location in the U.S. at reasonable rates.

Trust Industrial Toolz for Yard Ramp Solutions

Industrial Toolz is committed to providing you with the shipping and material handling solutions that help your business run safely and efficiently. Yard ramps assist with the heavy lifting in the warehousing industry and commercial transport. If you want to speed up, you’re shipping or loading process, Industrial Toolz has the right tools for every application.

Industrial Toolz has a wide selection of yard ramps, dock, and material-handling equipment available for rent. All our products meet the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. Please contact Industrial Toolz to begin the rental process. You will be pleased with how easy the process is.

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