Yard Ramps in Texas from Industrial Toolz

Forklift on yard ramp - ground to dock applicationAt Industrial Toolz, we provide material handling solutions for a wide variety of operations including; shipping and receiving, vehicle transport and construction projects across a wide range of industries. Our yard ramps are an excellent solution to these problems. In addition to selling/financing new and used yard ramps, we rent these ramps to businesses throughout Texas, including Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin, and Dallas. We have solutions that can suit a variety of customer needs, including ground-to-dock yard ramps, ground-to-truck yard ramps, heavy-duty portable loading docks, and last-mile delivery loading docks.

What Are Yard Ramps?

Yard ramps are designed to allow forklifts and other material handling equipment to safely access loading docks, shipping containers, and delivery vehicles. They enable the equipment to be moved safely and efficiently, which helps streamline the handling and transportation of goods within loading/unloading facilities and onsite at construction projects.

Applications for Yard Ramps in Texas

A wide range of businesses use our yard ramps in their loading and unloading operations throughout the state of Texas. See the chart below for examples but not limited to these locations:

Business Sector Location
Samsung Manufacturing Austin, TX
Tyson Foods Manufacturing Dallas, TX
Caterpillar Manufacturing San Antonio, TX
Lockheed Martin Aerospace Fort Worth, TX
Raytheon Defense Dallas, TX
McKesson Biotech Houston, TX
Medtronic Biotech San Antonio, TX
Exxon Mobil Energy Beaumont, TX
Phillips 66 Energy Houston, TX
Valero Energy Energy San Antonio, TX

Renting vs. Buying Yard Ramps

At the start of any loading or unloading operation, it is essential to identify and source all of the necessary equipment. Handi-Ramp will work with you to provide the correct solution that fits your needs. We have a number of options available, including, purchasing a new or used Yard Ramp or renting a ramp. The option best suited for your business will depend on a number of factors;

  • Length of time the ramp will be utilized
  • Budgetary constraints
  • Capacity requirements
  • Minimum dimensions needed for your specific project

Buying new yard ramps. If your business requires you to use a yard ramp on a day-to-day basis, it may be best to invest in a new yard ramp. The advantage of buying new is that you can choose the type that offers the exact features you require for your operation. Financing options available.

Buying used yard ramps. If your business requires regular use of a yard ramp, but your budget does not allow for investment in a new yard ramp, you may be able to buy a used one. This option enables you to acquire the equipment you need at a lower cost. Financing options available.

Renting yard ramps. If your business only requires a yard ramp for a short time or you would like to test how the ramp works with your current operation, you may want to consider renting. This option ensures you have the equipment you need when you need it at a much lower cost than buying it outright. Additionally, you do not have to worry about any long term ownership costs. If at the end of your rental, you want to purchase the ramp, a portion of the rent can be applied to the purchase price.

Advantages of Portable Delivery Ramps for Texas Businesses

How do you unload a truck/container without a dock? Options include using a dangerous conveyor belt system or utilizing a team of employees to load and offload by hand, which sounds like a safety hazard and an OSHA nightmare, not to mention the lack of efficiency. A more desirable option is to use a portable delivery ramp (yard ramp). A portable delivery ramp can be attached to the back of the container or trailer and allow safe and quick unloading of the cargo. This saves time and labor compared to manual loading and unloading of the trailer/container.

To measure the cost savings of a portable loading dock ramp, use the following formula:

  1. (Estimate labor hours to unload trailer less estimate labor hours to unload with a forklift) * Labor cost) x # of loads per month = Labor cost to hand unload each month
  2. Cost of yard ramp / 60 month (standard depreciation length, this ramp can last 20 plus years) = Monthly cost of a yard ramp
  3. A – B = Monthly savings

Rent or Buy a Yard Ramp From Industrial Toolz Today

Yard ramps play a key role in loading and unloading operations, especially in facilities where loading docks are not available, are limited or impractical. For solutions you can trust, turn to Industrial Toolz for expert advice on any project or application you have. Industrial Toolz offers a variety of standard sizes as well as customized solutions. To learn more about our yard ramps, contact one of our experts today.

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